About Us

Hi there world!  Mischief & Mayhem here.  This is our first blog!  We’re having so much fun with our Twitter account (totally not what we thought it was! I mean, we saw that little blue bird and we thought, yum!).

So a little bit about ourselves… We’re twin sisters… not identical!  Mischief and I were born in the fall of 2011… we don’t know much about our birth parents, but we know they wanted us to have a happy life off of the mean streets.  When we were just tiny little kittens we were found roaming the streets looking for food.  A wonderful man adopted us and took us to live at his office.  We were just settling in to our new home and our new roles as administrative professionals (you should see what we can do with paper work!) when our beloved human suddenly passed away.  Heartbroken and alone again we weren’t sure where we would go when much to our delight our human’s friends decided to adopt us!

In February of 2012 we became the official FBO Cats of a small regional airport.  We were  in charge of security and hospitality at the airport. We had two humans that we took care of full time, a girl and her papa and then we had lots of other humans that visited us frequently.  It was a lot of work, but we love’d what we did!

In 2013 our humans decided to move to a new airport and the girl begged us to come with her.  We’d grown quite attached to her, so we jumped at the opportunity.  We now live with the girl and work from our home office.  We help with the day to day household chores and help her with the airport work online.  We don’t have as much time for blogging these days… We have to look after the girl, her pet human, B, and our new adopted siblings MoJo (he’s a cat too, but he’s retired, so he doesn’t do much….) and Boo… she’s a Pomeranian… the girl insists she’s a baby, but M& I suspect that she may be a D.O.G…… While we do have our paws full, we love our new family!

So the “FBO” in our web address now stands for: Found Better Opportunities!

We’re super excited to have our own blog and we hope you enjoy reading about our new adventures as much as we enjoy sharing them!

*hugs & kitten kisses* – M&M


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