Looking Good


Our girl is so funny sometimes.  The other day M and I were playing with an empty bath tissue roll… batting it around the office and stuff… the girl grabs it right out of our paws and starts babbling about how it would be perfect for some silly thing or the other.  Normally, we’d have been pretty annoyed, but it was about time for our afternoon naps anyway, so we figured we’d let her play with it for a while.

When we woke up she was clicking around on Pinterest ….and hacking our toy to pieces!  Apparently she’d decided to make a new mirror for the ladies litter-box-room.  We have our own private litter-box, but the girl tries to keep the public litter-box room all pretty and stuff….  We’re not allowed in there after the incident with the sink…. Who knew the girl would have such a hissy fit about a little water on the floor!?  M & I had a “tiny” water fight… geeze!

Anyway, M & I climbed up on the desk to see what the girl had done to our toy…. apparently she’d been busy while we were napping!

  • First, she squashed the roll in half.
  • Next she took the bath-tissue roll and cut it into four 1 inch pieces (she’d collected a few other rolls and a paper towel roll or two as well)
  • Then she glued five of the pieces together near their points….

OMP it was a flower!

The next day the girl came to the office with a can of spray paint, a mirror and a hot glue gun….

  • She spray painted all the “flowers” blue (we made her do this outside, because our noses are sensitive and that stuff stinks)

After our nap the “flowers” had dried and the girl brought them inside.

  • She arranged them into a circle around the mirror and then started hot gluing them together.
  • Once they were glued into a circle she placed the mirror face down on the flowers and started gluing the mirror to the flowers.
  • Two Command Strips later the “Flower Mirror” was attached to the litter-box room wall!



While we did not approve of the destruction of our super fun toy… we do have to agree that the mirror looked pretty good…. and it made the girl awfully happy… and when she is happy she shares her coffee with us (with extra cream!) so it was a win-win after all.

– M &M


ModPodge in our Whiskers

Apparently humans can’t drink from water bowls like we do… something about their tongues not being scratchy like our…. poor humans!  We’ve noticed they like to drag around cups with liquid in them…. and straws!  We have been trying to learn to drink from a straw like our humans, but we haven’t quite gotten the hang of it just yet.  When our humans leave their cups unattended we take their straw and add it to our collection so we can practice in our water bowl (we don’t like to drink soda… coffee, yes… soda, no.)  Even though we haven’t made much progress on learning to drink from them yet, we do have great fun playing with the chewed up straws.  Also, it gives our humans lots of fun chasing us around pretending that they didn’t want us to have their straw…. silly humans…. we know that if you didn’t want us to have it, you wouldn’t have left it unattended!  Duh!

The humans’ cups tend to leave little rings of water on our table.  We don’t like the little water rings… it gets on our paws and we have to shake it off and then water gets everywhere! Yuck!  We figured it would be too hard to teach them to drink from a water bowl, so we decided to make them coasters.

You will need:

  • 4×4 tiles (we used some old bathroom tiles)
  • Sectional charts (cut about 4.25 x 4.25 in)
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam brush
  • Clear spray paint
  • Felt (for the bottoms)
  • Hot glue

We had the girl cut the charts into 4.25 x 4.25 squares.

Next she covered the tiles with Mod Podge and and applied the charts to the tiles…. take your time here, smooth all the wrinkles and bubbles out now, because it dries fast!

We tried doing the corners two different ways… When you fold the paper down over the sides you get a little flap that sticks out… first we tried just cutting te flap off, but it left an edge that we worried would eventually peel.  Finally we decided that we liked to just fold the flap over like wrapping a present.  It looks a bit neater, but takes a bit more effort to get to glue down.

Coat the top of the coaster with a coat or two of Mod Podge to seal it.

Once everything dried we applied a coat of clear spray paint to make it shiny.

We cut a piece of felt (slightly less than 4×4) for the bottom so it wouldn’t scratch the table…. Use hot glue to attach the felt.

FYI: do not get the mod podge in your whiskers… it is a nightmare to get out!


Idle Paws

You know what they say, “idle paws are the devil’s workshop.”  M and I like to keep the girl busy …. otherwise she starts coming up with ridiculous ideas… like vacuuming!

Checking out Pinterest, we’ve come across a number of ideas for painting ugly furniture and mod-podging all manner of things…. and we got to thinking… we could use another place to nap!  So we showed the girl our idea and sent her to Home Depot (we are not allowed outside, so we have to make lists for her) and then we set her to work on fixing up this ugly old end table we found.

She used one can of RustOleum primer spray paint to cover it first….. then a whole can of RustOleum Ultra Cover 2x in a nice turquoise that we think coordinates nicely with the grey in our fur.

Once that dried she took a St Louis Sectional Chart (expired… we like to up-cycle old charts) and a Kansas City Chart (because the table was just a bit too big for one chart) and lined it up so our airport was on the table.  She cut the edges off so it fit perfectly and then used mod-podge to glue it to the table.  After the first layer of mod-podge dried she painted over the top of it too.  We noticed it seemed to bubble up…. not sure if she wasn’t paying attention or if that is just something that happens… when it was all dry the bubbles went away.

Lastly we had her coat the top with a clear spray paint sealer, just to make sure it would hold up to wear and tear.

We’re pretty happy with the way it turned out… the fluffy pillow inside is just the best ever!

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– M&M