Spreading Holiday Cheer

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Today the girl was so excited.  One of our human friends brought a huge box into the office…. Now a box IS something to get excited about.  Boxes are lots of fun.  Especially when you hide in them and then jump out at people!  But it wasn’t the box that the girl was all excited about (even though she could have fit into this one…) it was what was inside the box that had her acting like a kitten on catnip.

It was a tree….. well, a fake tree.   We didn’t get it.  M & I kept trying to get her to dump the green thing out and let us have the box!

While the girl was messing around with her fake tree M & I started googling this whole “Christmas Tree” thing.  Turns out it’s a holiday tradition for some humans…. Tree Huggers, I think….

Anyway, the girl explained that we were going to put the tree up in the office…. and then decorate it.  Humans!  Well, it seemed important to her, so we decided to lend a paw.  M & I helped locate all the light plugs by climbing up and down limbs and shaking them loose.  We couldn’t get them all to light up…. The girl says the lighting of trees usually takes an advanced degree in electrical engineering  and we’d just be happy that any of them lit up.  So, now it just glows around the middle…. we kind of like it.  Next we helped arrange the ‘skirt’ (apparently trees wear clothes?).  The girl wasn’t too pleased with our arranging  but we think it will be much more comfortable with it all bunched up the way we have it….

The girl says we are going to wait to put the ornaments and and presents out…. something about us being too rambunctious…..

With that project on hold, M & I made ourselves comfortable on the girls desk and she explained to us about the Christmas Tree and presents.  Christmas presents sound even better than Halloween candy!

And even more pawesome…… we’re gonna collect presents to give to some human children!    Apparently there are groups of humans that help little humans when their family situation makes it unsafe for them to stay in their homes.  M & I understand the turmoil that these little humans are going through.  We were once Foster Kittens too.  When we were little our momma wasn’t able to take care of us.  M & I lived on the streets for a time until a very nice human let us come live with him and we worked in his office.  Sadly, our beloved human went to live with the angles much too soon.  Once again, M & I were without a home….. Fortunatly, our human’s friends heard about our plight and they invited us to come live with them.  That is when M & I came to live at the Festus Airport and became the FBO cats.  We feel so truly blessed to live and work with such a great group of humans.  Once we heard about the little humans, how could we not want to lend a paw?!

Anyone who wants to help should bring their unwrapped present to the FBO before November 30th.  The girl will take them to the Office of Little Human Helpers (that may not be the right name….. but it sounds good!) and they will get the presents to the little humans of Jefferson County.  The Office of Little Human Helpers says that they are looking for gifts for kids ages 1 month – 16 years.  ($15 – $25)  These little humans could use just about anything: clothes, pj’s, toys, books…. Help us to help them have a brighter holiday!