Teddy Bear Tea

Our girl is sooo good to us!  She got us a Teddy Bear!  Not the stuffed kind…. the slurp-able kind…YUM.

The girl knows how much M & I like our coffee… helps us get going in the morning.  While the girl is just stumbling around the office, we get a couple slurps of her coffee and then we run up the stairs and check out the other offices… then we run down the stairs and get a couple more slurps of coffee.  And then we run into the back office and make sure she is cleaning our litter box and changing our water…. then we run up the stairs to make sure we didn’t forget anything…. then we run down the stairs…. then we run up the Christmas Tree to check that all the lights are working… then while she goes out to check the gas machine we jump up in the window and wave at her and check the glass for smudges… we leave paw prints on the glass so she knows where the smudges were….. When she comes back in we drink more coffee together and M & I help her check our emails…. Our typing is getting much better!  The girl should drink more coffee… then she could be as productive as M & me!

Well… this morning we took a slurp of her coffee…. OMP!  It wasn’t coffee!!!

While the girl wiped up the ‘tea’ that M had spit everywhere the girl explained that she had visited a new coffee shop over the weekend and discovered Teddy Bear Chai.  Well, M & I were reeling from this new information…. Who knew there were whole SHOPS of coffee?!  OMP!  Whole shops!!  We thought all coffee came from K-Cups!

After sampling the Teddy Bear Tea again, M & I decided it was pretty pawesome… and we didn’t need to worry about a drop in our caffeine since it was made with black tea… whew!

The girl said she is still experimenting with the exact amounts, but this is pretty close to what she’d had at the coffee shop.  The coffee shop used concentrated Oregon Chai, but the girl already had regular Chai tea bags at home, so she just made her own.

Now that we know they exist we are encouraging the girl to visit more coffee shops!  We wish Starbucks would deliver.  * sigh *

Teddy Bear Chai

Teddy Bear Chai Tea

  • 8oz Chai Tea, brewed STRONG
  • 1 tsp Vanilla (the good Mexican stuff… no imitation, yuck)
  • 1 Tbs Honey
  • 1/4 c Vanilla Cream (You could just use milk, or cream, but the Coffee Mate – Natural Bliss already has some sugar in it too…)

Warm the Vanilla Cream before adding it to the tea to take the chill off…. add the other ingredients to your own personal taste.  As it cools the honey flavor comes out more, so don’t go wild with the honey at first.  Mix and serve!

– M&M


Wasps Smell Ouchie

As you may already know, M & I have been taking the Ground School offered at our airport.  If we’re going to be the heads of Airport Security & Hospitality we figured it would be professionally beneficial to earn our Pilot’s License (never mind that we’d be able to chase birds better!).

Well…. I was reading out of the Pilot’s Handbook while M was practicing a particularly difficult set of ground traffic control paw signals with one of the wasps that had made its way into the office.  She was directing it to make another go around before landing…. well…. I’m not entirely sure what happened.  Maybe the wasp misunderstood?  Or perhaps M didn’t signal correctly?  At any rate…. the wasp landed on her nose and…. STUNG HER!  Right-on-the-nose!

Totally uncalled for!  I jumped down from my chair and ordered that wasp to land.  Then I ramp-checked him and terminated his authority to fly….. permanently! (91.123)

Obviously, that was the end of studying for the day.  M walked around rubbing her nose and complaining bitterly for quite some time.  I was worried that she might become so discouraged that she would want to quit studying for our Pilot’s Licenses.

To take her mind off the ouchieness of the whole situation I decided to have our human, the girl, whip her up a little treat.

Easy Peasy Peppermint Mocha Frappucinos

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You will need:

  • 1 packet Starbucks Via Mocha Flavored Coffee
  • Nestle Coffeemate – Peppermint Mocha
  • Ice
  • Water

Here is where the directions get a bit vague…. Just throw the ingredients in to your personal preference….. more coffee flavored? Add less water…. More peppermint?  Add more Coffeemate… you get it?   Add enough ice (about 1-1.5 cups cubed) to make it nice and thick. Blend…. YUM!

The girl used her new Oster – My Blend blender, but you could use a regular blender.  We like the Oster – My Blend because we can add all the ingredients to the cup, screw on the blender lid and then it just locks into place in the blender….. once it’s blended you just unlock the cup, flip it over, remove the blender lid and screw on the travel lid!  Much easier and more convent for little paws… and clean up is a snap!  We just give the girl the blender lid and she washes it in the sink!  Easy peasy!  It comes with a nice travel lid so we can drag it around with us and slurp right out of the cup (we are still working on using a straw)!

M alternated slurping and resting her nose against the cup for the rest of the afternoon.  I am happy to report that she has fully recovered and is back to studying for her Pilot’s License!  We are on schedule to graduate with the rest of our class in August.  Next step… FLIGHT LESSONS!

If you’re interested in learning to fly too, join us for class!  Festus Airport Ground School Classes – We’d be happy to lend you a paw!

– M&M

Gifts from the Monkey Queen

We are totally excited!  Our human, the girl, has received a gift from the Monkey Queen!  Eeep!  How cool is that?

So we did some Googling (the source of all knowledge) and discovered that she’s not really a monkey (though she is a human…. so that’s kinda the same thing, but without a tail…. sad 😦  no tail) Anyway, 100th Monkey Media is pretty cool even if it isn’t what we were expecting.  Mich (we’re gonna keep calling her the Monkey Queen ’cause we like the way it sounds) is a super social media guru.  She teaches businesses  how to use things like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, e-mail and other social media platforms to better reach their customers.  We’ve been watching her YouTube channel all day… she’s such a funny human! We’ve learned all sorts of great things we’re going to have the girl do for our Airport.  If you aren’t as tech-savvy as me & M, you can have Mich do it all for you!  She teaches classes too, so be sure to like her on Facebook or Twitter (we do!) so you know what she’s up to.

We thought the girl was just goofing off when she was on Facebook, but apparently she was out learning things!  Since she likes and comments on 100th Monkey Media’s page so often she was named the Fan of the Week!  (We’re so proud!)  As the Fan of the Week the Monkey Queen sent her a mystery gift…… It’s a Crystal Growing Kit!!!

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Thanks Mich!  We had a ball helping the girl put together the crystal growing kit!  We tried to get her to follow all the directions, but she insisted on putting the crystals in a jar instead of the display pan that came with it…. perhaps that was a good idea after all…. sometimes we get over excited and eat our craft projects!

If you aren’t already a fan of 100th Monkey Media, you totally should be!

– M&M