Sweet catnip!  Thank heavens that is over!  We are SO worn out!

The Balloon Festival was a huge hit.  The girl is still upset that it was so cold, but from what we have heard, everything went off without a hitch and everyone had a good time.  We’ve been looking at the photos on Facebook and all the balloons were super pretty.

We wish we could have been here to see the balloons, but we were so worn out from all the planning and preparations that we had the girl’s mom, the Queen of Treats, take us to the spa for the weekend.  It was one of those medical spas… we got our shots there when we were kittens… Meow-Out to Dr M and the nice Vet-Ladies at DeSoto Vet Hospital!  You guys were totally pawesome!  Thanks for the great care and pampering!!!

Good thing we were well rested, ’cause when we got back there was still a lot of work to do…. we helped the girl clean the office back up and the man needed help sorting all his paperwork back out.

The girl surprised us with some special presents from the Balloon Festival… they were in her desk drawer… all the way in the back… under her coat… but we knew they were for us!  We found the kettle korn first…. the twistie-tie gave us some trouble, but we finally just ripped the bag open… mega yum… and fun to play with too! The beef jerky gave us a bit more trouble, but we finally managed to gnaw through the wrapper…. we didn’t want to bother the girl, she was busy cleaning…. we’ve never had beef jerky before… yum!

Now the last present is the one that had us scratching our ears.  What the heck’s a Scentsy?  Apparently, its a smellie that we won’t burn our whiskers on.  Woo hoo!  The girl won’t bring her candles into the office anymore…. we might have sniffed a bit too close to the last  candle… then thrown it in the floor when our whiskers started to curl.  Oops.  The new Scentsy wax warmer is pretty cool… or warm… but safe for smelling… and it has pretty lights!  We’re smelling Blueberry Cheesecake today.

In the days since, we just can’t get the taste of that kettle korn out of our minds!  We wanted the girl to call the kettle korn man and have him bring us more… but she said we’d just have to wait until next year!!!

We turned to our trusty source of all information.. Pinterest… and found this recipe: Home Made Amish Caramel and we suggested she make the caramel and pour it over popcorn!!  We nagged the girl until she promised to make a batch and bring it in to the office.

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Amish Caramel
2 c. white sugar
2 c. heavy cream
1 3/4 c. corn syrup
1 c. butter
1 tsp. vanilla
Bring sugar, syrup, butter, and a little bit of the cream to a boil. Once boiling, slowly add rest of cream. Boil until it forms a soft ball (236-240 degrees). Add vanilla. Pour into a buttered pan. Cool.  Store in a sealed container.
To make the caramel popcorn, re-melt a cup (more or less to taste) of the caramel…. pour over popcorn (make sure you’ve removed the un-popped kernels first), toss popcorn to evenly distribute the caramel.  (The girl used a bag of plain microwave popcorn.) Store in a sealed container.
Mega yum! Enjoy!
– M&M

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