Emilee the Emissary

We were so psyched!  At the last CAEE meeting our humans were talking about Twin City Days.  We’re gonna have a booth at the Arts & Crafts Fair on Saturday so we can tell people about Our Balloon Festival and our Ground School.  Of course, M & I were gonna go, right?  I mean, who better to spread the word about the airport than the heads of Hospitality!

Well, apparently NOT!  *harrump*

We’re not allowed outside!

After pouting for a bit, M & I came up with a plan… see, M & I have a new friend at the airport…. Emilee….. Em, for short…. and we’re going to send her as our emissary!

Don’t get us wrong, we’re totally heartbroken that we won’t get to go to to Twin City Days with the girl & the man and all our other friends….. but Em needs the experience… she’s awfully shy.  So it’s probably all for the best….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Stop by our booth at Twin City Days and say hi to our humans.  Take a photo with Em and post it on our facebook or twitter page!

Oh! And if you want to see M & me… come by the airport… our humans will be offering Discovery Flights all day!

– M & M… and Em


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