Gifts from the Monkey Queen

We are totally excited!  Our human, the girl, has received a gift from the Monkey Queen!  Eeep!  How cool is that?

So we did some Googling (the source of all knowledge) and discovered that she’s not really a monkey (though she is a human…. so that’s kinda the same thing, but without a tail…. sad 😦  no tail) Anyway, 100th Monkey Media is pretty cool even if it isn’t what we were expecting.  Mich (we’re gonna keep calling her the Monkey Queen ’cause we like the way it sounds) is a super social media guru.  She teaches businesses  how to use things like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, e-mail and other social media platforms to better reach their customers.  We’ve been watching her YouTube channel all day… she’s such a funny human! We’ve learned all sorts of great things we’re going to have the girl do for our Airport.  If you aren’t as tech-savvy as me & M, you can have Mich do it all for you!  She teaches classes too, so be sure to like her on Facebook or Twitter (we do!) so you know what she’s up to.

We thought the girl was just goofing off when she was on Facebook, but apparently she was out learning things!  Since she likes and comments on 100th Monkey Media’s page so often she was named the Fan of the Week!  (We’re so proud!)  As the Fan of the Week the Monkey Queen sent her a mystery gift…… It’s a Crystal Growing Kit!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks Mich!  We had a ball helping the girl put together the crystal growing kit!  We tried to get her to follow all the directions, but she insisted on putting the crystals in a jar instead of the display pan that came with it…. perhaps that was a good idea after all…. sometimes we get over excited and eat our craft projects!

If you aren’t already a fan of 100th Monkey Media, you totally should be!

– M&M


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