Stop to Eat the Roses

Our humans don’t like to fly on rainy, windy, snowy or hot-hot days…..good thing they were not born birds!  M & I get lonely and board when no one comes to visit, so too keep the girl from rotting her brain on Facebook ( – tell her hi!) or trying to give us pedicures (we like our nails sharp, thank you very much) we like to do arts & crafts.  Since we hate to waste kibble-money on anything but kibble and catnip we try to find old things and upcycle them.

Knowing how much we love to craft, some of our humans have started bringing us their old aeronautical charts to use…. we call this Sectional Chart Art!

We saw these roses on Pinterest ( and just had to make them!

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The tutorial on Pinterest said to use hot glue, so we got the girl to glue them together for us, because hot glue is a nightmare to get off our paws!  Later we made some out of newspapers and we just used Elmer’s glue and it worked fine for that.  For anything thicker like scrapbook paper or sectional charts, we’d say you should use the hot glue.

We had a great time batting the little pieces of paper around the office while the girl turned them into roses!

She used bamboo (shish-ka-bob) skewers for the stems and added a bit of blig to the roses by first hot gluing a shiny bead or pearl (those are great to bat around too!) to the non-pointy end of the skewer and then shoving the skewer through the center of the rose.  Next she used floral tape (do NOT grab the roll and run around the office with it, no matter how much fun it looks… it is very hard to reuse once it has fur in it) to wrap the skewer.  Secure the end with a bit of hot glue.  Ta Dah!

– M&M



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