Idle Paws

You know what they say, “idle paws are the devil’s workshop.”  M and I like to keep the girl busy …. otherwise she starts coming up with ridiculous ideas… like vacuuming!

Checking out Pinterest, we’ve come across a number of ideas for painting ugly furniture and mod-podging all manner of things…. and we got to thinking… we could use another place to nap!  So we showed the girl our idea and sent her to Home Depot (we are not allowed outside, so we have to make lists for her) and then we set her to work on fixing up this ugly old end table we found.

She used one can of RustOleum primer spray paint to cover it first….. then a whole can of RustOleum Ultra Cover 2x in a nice turquoise that we think coordinates nicely with the grey in our fur.

Once that dried she took a St Louis Sectional Chart (expired… we like to up-cycle old charts) and a Kansas City Chart (because the table was just a bit too big for one chart) and lined it up so our airport was on the table.  She cut the edges off so it fit perfectly and then used mod-podge to glue it to the table.  After the first layer of mod-podge dried she painted over the top of it too.  We noticed it seemed to bubble up…. not sure if she wasn’t paying attention or if that is just something that happens… when it was all dry the bubbles went away.

Lastly we had her coat the top with a clear spray paint sealer, just to make sure it would hold up to wear and tear.

We’re pretty happy with the way it turned out… the fluffy pillow inside is just the best ever!

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– M&M


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